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Mesalazine (Asacol)



Aminosalicylate (5-ASA)


Mild-to-moderately active UC, acute attacks and remission maintenance in adults and children. Some preparations are not licensed for use in children.


Blood clotting abormalities; pulmonary disease; salicylate hypersensitivity; pregnancy; hepatic impairment. Use with caution in elderly patients. Monitor breast-fed infants for diarrhoea. | Potential side effects: Joint pain; cough; diarrhoea; dizziness; fever; gastrointestinal discomfort; headache; low white blood cell count; nausea; skin reactions; vomiting

Preparations Available

Oral tablet/granules, rectal foam, enema, suppository


Dose: Asacol foam enema: Induction (rectosigmoid), 1g ×1 for 4–6 wks; Induction (descending), 2 g ×1 for 4–6 wks. Asacol MR 400mg tablets: Induction (child 12–17 yrs), 800 mg ×3; Induction (adult), 2.4 g DD; Maintenance (child 12–17 yrs), 400–800 mg ×2–3; Maintenance (adult), 1.2–2.4 g DD. Asacol MR 800mg tablets: Induction, 2.4–4.8 g DD; Maintenance (UC), ≤2.4 g ×1 or DD; Maintenance (Crohn’s ileo-colitis), ≤2.4 g DD. Asacol suppositories: Induction or maintenance, 0.75–1.5 g DD

Sizes Available

400mg (84), £27.45; 800mg (84), £54.90


400mg (84), £27.45; 800mg (84), £54.90

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