Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

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Beambridge Medical

Beambridge Medical
46 Merrow Lane, Burpham
Guildford, Surrey
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Beambridge Medical Products

Beambridge Draining Jug

Ideal for men who have a mobility problem and are confined to bed. The jug has a large fluid chamber.

Beambridge Lady Jug

The jug is made from a soft plastic and is comfortable to use: the opening cups and moulds to the person’s shape. As the fluid is contained in the bag, the jug can be used a number of times during the evening, and the bag emptied the next day.

Beambridge Leg Bag

The bags have a smaller capacity than the 2-litre drainage bag, and are for those who do not require a large volume to be drained. They all have wide-bore tubing to ensure fast drainage from the urinal or funnels.

Bridge Urinal

Bridge Urinal

The urinal enables the user to toilet from anywhere without having to access a toilet. It can be used with or without a drainage bag. Beambridge Medical Ltd supplies a range of hand held urinals to suite all. They are particularly beneficial to those…

Extension Tube

The extension tube can extend all bags and can also extend the funnels length to asist with aim

Female Beambridge Lady Funnel

Made from a soft plastic, the funnel contours to the woman’s body and is comfortable to use. The ideal position for use is sitting on the edge of the bed or standing. Connecting it up to the Beambridge drainage bag will allow for a full void of urine…

Saddle Urinal

The wedge shape at the insertion end allows the pan to be located without the need for lifting. The raised front acts as a splash guard and prevents any fluid from spilling out. A small handle is located at one end to aid lifting. The spout at the to…