Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

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Qufora IrriSedo Balloon System

MacGregor Healthcare


Easy-to-use rectal irrigation, with unique safety features and simple 1,2,3,4 controls. For rectal irrigation seated on or over a toilet. The balloon catheter allows the patient to easily retain the catheter in the rectum while the water is instilled. When the catheter is removed, the water evacuates along with the stool into the toilet.

Sizes Available

Base set of one control with velcro strap, one water bag and two rectal balloon catheters (medium 58101-002, small 58102-002); accessory set of 1 water bag and 15 rectal balloon catheters (medium 58201-015, small 58202-015); catheter set of 10 rectal balloon catheters (medium 58301-010, small 58302-010)


£72.63; £119.32; £81.97

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