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Medicareplus International

Medicareplus International
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Medicareplus International Products

Lifteez Adhesive Remover (Non-Sting)

Lifteez Adhesive Remover (Non-Sting)

Non-sting medical adhesive remover containing certified health-care grade silicone ingredients. Available as wipes and aerosol. Indications: For ease of removal of adhesive dressings, pouches and medical devices and to minimise the potential for skin…

Medi Derma-PRO Skin Protectant Ointment

Resilient, viscous, non-sting ointment that forms a protective waterproof barrier to protect injured and at-risk skin from severe irritation caused by moisture-associated skin damage due to incontinence. Available in a tube.

Medi Derma-S Total Barrier Cream (Non-Sting)

Non-sting barrier cream providing transparent long-lasting protection from moisture-associated skin damage on intact and mildly damaged skin. Moisturises and helps to restore skin integrity Indications: Prevention and protection of intact and mildly…