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Medicina Products

ACE Stopper

Medicina ACE Stoppers are small silicone plugs that are used to seal stoma sites at various parts of the body. They are soft and comfortable for a patient and come in a variety of lengths and shaft diameters depending on the size of the stoma. They p…

ACElok Dressing

The ACElok dressing has been designed for placement over the Medicina ACE stopper to provide external fixation and cushioning. The dressing allows easy access for washout procedures and can be used for 3-4 days or until it becomes soiled. Available o…


The Cystoflow allows easier management of continuous and manual bladder wash-out procedures in the presence of macro hematuria. The Cystoflow is a closed-circuit system resulting in less risk of infection to the patient and operator.

Medicina Caecostomy and ACE Washout Set

Medicina provide a washout set specifically designed to washout Caecostomy or ACE tracts. The catheter washout set (MAS02) connects to the catheter when washing out the tract. The Medicina washout sets are made up of a 1.5 litre top fill bag which ca…