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ABSORB neutralises pouch odour, absorbs excess fluid, dissolves completely in the pouch and is safe and easy to use. ASORB contains a highly effective odour neutraliser to help eliminate odours inside the pouch. Absorb will simply dissolve over time…

Astoa Mouldable Adhesive Ring Seal

The Astoa Mouldable Adhesive Ring Seal has been expertly designed to provide the complete solution to these leakage problems whilst delivering supreme comfort, security and confidence.


CLEANSE is a moisturising, no-rinse skin cleansing gel for use when washing facilities are not required or unavailable. Tea Tree Oil is widely believed to have antiseptic and antifungal properties. Lavender Oil is a universal healer and will soothe a…


CLEAR is a gentle but highly effective adhesive remover containing Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oils. The formulation of CLEAR will help gently remove a pouch or flange and any stubborn adhesive residue.


COMFORT Flange Extenders have been specially designed to secure the flange to the body whilst helping to protect the skin from excoriation and maceration. COMFORT Flange Extenders are extremely flexible with fantastic elasticity benefits which mean t…

Cool Comfort Unisex Light Control Support Garment

The Cool Comfort range consists of three styles: a brief, boxer or a belt in either black, white or nude. The fabric is soft and lightweight and has a 180 degree stretch which provides support alleviating any discomfort whilst allowing freedom of mov…


Dual action GLIDE lubricates the inside of the pouch and actively destroys any odour at source. GLIDE contains active odour neutralisers, effectively eliminating any embarrassing smells. GLIDE is easy to use, is water based and does not stain. It kil…

GUARD Barrier Cream

GUARD one of the most gentle and highly effective barrier creams available. GUARD forms a protective shield on the skin creating a safe and effective barrier. It moisturises dry skin, conditions healthy skin, soothes damaged skin, protects skin from…

GUARD Barrier Film

GUARD Barrier Film is highly effective in protecting the skin from faecal and urinary effluent, digestive juices and medical adhesives. GUARD Barrier Film aids in the adhesion and removal of flanges, pouches and dressings.

HiLINE Ez-Wrap Unisex Hernia Support Belt

A unisex hernia support belt wth Aloe Bera coating and Velcro Brand fastener, providing medium/firm level hernia or prophlyactic support whilst being soft and comfortable to wear. The unique zip and lug design additions make the HiLINE EZ-Wrap belt i…


NEUTRALISE Drops are available in a choice of three refreshing scents. They contain a powerful Nanozyme which effectively eliminates pouch odour providing you with confidence and peace of mind when going out and about.


NEUTRALISE Grapefruit, Apple, Blackberry, Cinnamon and Sandalwood and Mint has been specially created for ostomy appliances to break through odour problems whilst providing a refreshing light fragrance. Rather than masking odour, it neutralises it fa…

Osto EZ Vent

The classic Osto-EZ-Vent with a refreshed design. The OEV is an air release device that attaches to any manufacturers pouch. Easy to install, bonds permanently, water-proof and lasts as long as the user wears the pouch. Pinch the OEV Glides to quickl…


PEEL is a propellant free Medical Adhesive Remover. It uses “bag-in-can” technology, so it can be sprayed at all angles, giving 100% product usage. It does not spray cold on the skin, and is quieter to use than standard aerosols


REMOVE is your 2 in 1 Adhesive Remover wipe that easily removes stoma appliances and adhesive residue plus it has a refreshing fragrance for deodorising during appliance changes. Providing substantial cost savings for the NHS.


RENEW seals moist excoriated skin, secures stoma adhesives to difficult moist skin areas, soothes excoriated skin caused by folliculitis or post shave, reduces trauma of pouch removal on sore skin areas, protects skin and helps prevent pouch leakage.…

SECURE Large Security Frames

SECURE Large Security Frames have all-round stretch and flexibility and can be positioned precisely around any appliance contour and over any local scarring. This pliability aids the reduction of edge lifting, thus greatly increasing the appliance we…

SECURE Small Security Frames

SECURE Small Security Frames are half the size of the Secure Large Security Frames, and therefore are ideal for use on smaller appliances or stoma caps.


A lightweight moulded shield, designed to help protect a stoma from direct contact. Shaped to allow a stoma pouch to still function during wear, and offers protection during sporting activities, work, and gardening. Belt ordered separately.