Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

The essential guide to product selection

Leg bags

3 Chamber Leg Bag

500ml 3 Chamber leg bag with lever tap. Available in short or long tube

Beambridge Leg Bag

The bags have a smaller capacity than the 2-litre drainage bag, and are for those who do not require a large volume to be drained. They all have wide-bore tubing to ensure fast drainage from the urinal or funnels.

Discreet Leg Bags

A range of leg bags that are contoured to fit the anatomy. They have a neutral backing colour and text that is difficult to see through clothing, so allowing the user to wear a wide range of clothes without compromising on lifestyle choices. 500m bags available with gloves

F2-EZ Once-drainable Night Bag

Designed for easy opening and controlled drainage of fluids. The twist and snap connector is located at the top of the bag, thus eliminating the possibility of splash, spray and cross-contamination associated with other tear bags. Drainable/non-drainable bag.

F4 Drainable Night Bag

Drainable 2-litre night bags (100cm/29.5in) with non-return valve and needle-free sample port. Choice of T-tap or lever tap.

Flexicare UriMeter

Urimeter with an integral measuring chamber directly above the inline collection bag. For use in postoperative and critically ill patients where precise monitoring of urine output is necessary. Features a sterile, closed collection.

FlexiSleeve Leg-bag Holder

A knitted leg-bag holder to replace leg straps. FlexiSleeve offers more comfort to the bag wearer by distributing the weight of the bag evenly around the leg or thigh. This helps to reduce any potential pressure ulcer that could occur with leg straps being fastened tightly.

Leg Bag

350ml / 500ml / 750ml capacities, lever tap or slide tap, long tube or short tube, fabric backed, sample port, includes a pair of leg bag straps

Libra Leg Bag

A leg bag that is easy to use, noiseless and comfortable. The direct inlet, short, long or adjustable length inlet tubes are wide bore and kink resistant, allowing free flow of urine. The ridged connector ensures a secure fit to the indwelling catheter or sheath, giving the user greater confidence. The sampling port uses needle-free technology to eliminate needle-stick injuries. The bag has a fabric backing that is non-woven, soft and silky, allowing the skin to breathe.

Libra Leg Bag Holder

The Leg Bag Holder encases the leg bag offering maximum support, comfort and security to the user. It can be used on its own, or in conjunction with leg bag straps

Libra Leg Bag Straps

The straps are designed for use with a Libra leg bag, but as they are universal they can be used with other leg bags. They feature a tapered Velcro fastening with dual wavy silicone lines. The tapered ends ensure that the straps do not dig into the user’s skin, while the silicone lines assist in securing the bag to the leg.

Post-Operative Bag

2-litre drainable bag with drip chamber and protective tap holder. Provides extra protection against ascending infection.

Spirit Leg Bag

Leg bags with 180° lever tap outlet, 1 pair of gloves, 1 pair of leg straps

Standard Leg Bag

Leg bag with lever tap outlet, night drainage connector and Velcro anti-slip straps.

Uriplan Leg Bag

Shaped leg bags with 180° lever tap outlet, overnight connector and 1 pair of leg straps