Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

The essential guide to product selection

Faecal management

Attends F6 Faecal Pads

Anatomically designed for a comfortable fit with a waterproof back sheet to stop anything soaking through

Go Better Folding Toilet Stool

This poo stool gets you in the perfect position for total bowel elimination. Prevent back pain, piles, prolapse and other side effects of constipation.

Go Better Toilet Stool

Toilet stool that prevents constipation and straining, making it easier to go naturally. Create the perfect angle for full bowel elimination with this poo stool, no straining required.

Peristeen Anal Plug

Made from a soft and comfortable foam, it expands 3–4 times in size once inside the rectum, conforming to the shape of the rectal cavity and protecting against leakage.