Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

The essential guide to product selection

Adhesive accessories

12% Resin Adhesive

The 12% resin product gives a stronger bond than the 2% resin adhesive. It is available in a tube with a long pipette/nozzle applicator. | Note: it should be tried only after 50.20 is found to be too weak.

2% Resin Adhesive

The 2% resin product gives a stronger bond than the original adhesive. It is available in a tube with a long pipette/nozzle applicator. | Note: it should be tried only after 50.01 is found to be too weak.

AcuBond Strips

Durable and extra-sticky foam adhesive strips to provide additional protection and enhance pouch security. Designed to mould to the body's natural contours, ideal for any areas of uneven skin. Latex free

Astoa Mouldable Adhesive Ring Seal

The Astoa Mouldable Adhesive Ring Seal has been expertly designed to provide the complete solution to these leakage problems whilst delivering supreme comfort, security and confidence.

Brava Mouldable Rings

Mouldable ring to create a tight seal between the stoma and the appliance. The Brava Mouldable Ring has a dual-action to support leakage reduction. It shapes to provide a snug seal between baseplate and stoma, and protects the skin against outout and absorbs skin moisture.

Bullen Karaya Gum Washers

The natural healing karaya soothes skin in | addition to providing an effective moisture resistant barrier.

Cohesive Paste

Non-sting paste that provides peristomal skin with the comfort and protection it needs. Alcohol free paste in a tube. Can be used in conjunction with Cohesive Seals. Absorbs moisture and keeps it away from the skin. Reduces digestive enzyme activity, stopping them from breaking down the skin. Maintains a natural pH and blocks biological and chemical irritants coming into contact with the skin. Remains pliable throughout application.

Cohesive Seals

Highly absorptive and mouldable, adhesive seals that are alcohol free. The seals are available in three sizes: large, small and SLIMS (SLIMS are slimmer than the small).

Cohesive StomaWrap

Cohesive Seal ideal for large or oval stomas, or for users with limited dexterity


COMFORT Flange Extenders have been specially designed to secure the flange to the body whilst helping to protect the skin from excoriation and maceration. COMFORT Flange Extenders are extremely flexible with fantastic elasticity benefits which mean that you can bend and stretch and the tape will move and stretch with you. With a choice of wide, small and large options, there is something for every type of body shape and the added potential for extended appliance wear time and reduced pouch usage

Contour Flange Extender

Contour Flange Extender features 3 extra flutes, allowing the product to conform to lumps or hernias. These help reduce the risk of the edges of the pouch lifting or rolling.

Curvies Flange Extenders

Curvies medical grade silicone flange extenders are hypoallergenic and safe to use peristomally. The super thin flange extenders provide the optimal combination of adhesion that is consistent throughout wear time, and has skin friendliness, because there is no skin stripping on removal.

Dansac Seals

Used to reduce leaks by providing added protection in skin creases and folds in-between their skin and their ostomy appliance.

Eakin Freeseal

The first seal designed for convex drainable pouches. Where convexity is required there can be little room for a seal. At just 1.8mm thin, the Eakin Freeseal solves this problem giving you the freedom to use a seal with a convex drainable pouch. Eakin Freeseal is also absorbent, flexible and mouldable, and easy to remove.

Fludroxycortide Tape

Fludroxycortide (formerly Haelan) Tape is a transparent plastic surgical tape impregnated with fludroxycortide, which is a fluorinated, synthetic, moderately potent, topical corticosteroid. As with other topical steroids, the therapeutic effect is primarily the result of its anti-inflammatory activity, but it offers protection and support to the affected skin

Genii Convex Ostomy Seal

Genii Convex Ostomy Seal

The Genii Convex Ostomy Seal is a flexible custom-made silicone soft convex seal that provides a snug fit around the stoma to help eliminate leaks and promotes healthy skin by protecting it from irritants. The Genii Convex Ostomy Seal provides gentle support around the stoma and does not break down, and it can be removed in one-piece without residue.

Genii Flange Extender

Genii Flange Extender

The Genii Flange Extender is an ultra-thin flange extender that is breathable, flexible and does not break down. Made from custom-made silicone which is hypo-allergenic, it provides secure protection yet still can be removed without damage to the skin.

Genii Flat Ostomy Seal

Genii Flat Ostomy Seal

The Genii Flat Ostomy Seal is a flexible custom-made silicone seal that provides a snug fit around the stoma to help eliminate leaks and promotes healthy skin by protecting it from irritants. The Genii Flat Ostomy Seal does not break down, and it can be removed in one-piece without residue.

GX-tra Seals

Extra adhesive rings to build up convexity on adhesive.

Hollister Adapt Barrier Rings

Sting-free alternative to paste; can be stretched and moulded to form custom shapes. Helps to prolong skin barrier wear time when used under a pouch or two-piece barrier.

Hollister Adapt Barrier Strips

Can be cut, bent and stacked together to improve fit, and can be stretched and moulded to create custom shapes. Conforms to irregular skin folds.

Hollister Adapt Oval Convex Barrier Rings

Formerly known as Adapt Convex Barrier Rings, these can be cut, bent, and stacked together to improve the fit of the skin barrier. They can be used to adjust skin barrier thickness for deeper convexity and to create a custom fit, including oval-shaped convexity.

Hydrocolloid Half-Moon Strips

Strips are used on the skin to avoid curled edges of the skin wafer. Half Moon Strips leave the patient feeling more comfortable and secure.

Hydrocolloid Paste

Effective easy to use remedy to be used on crevices on the skin. Protection against feaces and urine

Hyperseal Washers

Suitable for all pouch and stoma types. Can be moulded to suit users’ needs, remaining pliable during wear time.

Hyperseal Washers with Manuka Honey

These stoma seals are designed to add extra security to pouches. With the added comfort of Manuka honey, they are gentle on vulnerable and sensitive skin.

Mouldable Hydrocolloid Rings

The rings protect the skin around the stoma so irritation is minimised. Mouldable rings are particularly useful, as they can be customised to fit different sizes and types of stomas.

Ostoform Seal with FLOWASSIST

Ostoform Seal with FLOWASSIST

A unique, innovative barrier ring that incorporates a non-absorbent flexible polymer chute, which prevents adhesive breakdown and directs flow into the pouch.

Pelican Paste

Hypoallergenic, alcohol free paste that contains Karaya and comes in an easy squeeze tube. Can be used to help smooth over scars and fill skin dips in preparation for pouch application.

Pure Latex Skin Adhesive

A pure latex skin adhesive without any skin-care components, giving a stronger bond. Comes in a 28g tube with a long pipette/nozzle applicator.

SECURE Large Security Frames

SECURE Large Security Frames have all-round stretch and flexibility and can be positioned precisely around any appliance contour and over any local scarring. This pliability aids the reduction of edge lifting, thus greatly increasing the appliance wear time.

SECURE Small Security Frames

SECURE Small Security Frames are half the size of the Secure Large Security Frames, and therefore are ideal for use on smaller appliances or stoma caps.

Stomahesive Seal

Better moisture absorption than any other seal and proven skin care. It can be broken and re-joined, adapted or stacked (for convexity), can be used with paste, and is alcohol free.

Synthetic Skin Adhesive

Skin adhesive available in a bottle with a brush in the lid or as a 28g tube with a long pipette/nozzle applicator.

TRE Seal

Dansac TRE seal is more than just a seal – with three levels of protection, the Dansac TRE seal has been designed to help keep healthy skin naturally healthy.

Urihesive Strips

Double-sided strips for use as a filler to protect or fill-in uneven skin surfaces next to an ostomy, fistula or wound

X-tra Strips

Designed to easily fit uneven body shapes and contours, they provide enhanced comfort and security—while helping prolong wear time. More than just leak prevention, Dansac X-tra strips deliver added confidence and reassurance. The new three-piece design allows a custom-shaped fit around edges of any skin barrier, while the wider size accommodates more body types, folds and creases.