Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

The essential guide to product selection


DeoGel Deodorising and Lubricating Gel

A deodorising and lubricating gel intended to be inserted into stoma pouches to reduce malodour and lubricate the stoma pouch to help stoma output collect within the pouch. Not intended for urostomy patients.


Dual action GLIDE lubricates the inside of the pouch and actively destroys any odour at source. GLIDE contains active odour neutralisers, effectively eliminating any embarrassing smells. GLIDE is easy to use, is water based and does not stain. It kills odour in the pouch, prevents ‘pancaking’, reduces static, aids pouch empytying and reduces noise.


Deodorant spray to help reduce odour when changing or draining stoma appliance. Spray directly into pouch or into room. Available in a range of fragrances.

NaturCare IPD Sachets

An in-pouch deodorant to help reduce odour when changing or draining stoma appliance.


NEUTRALISE Drops are available in a choice of three refreshing scents. They contain a powerful Nanozyme which effectively eliminates pouch odour providing you with confidence and peace of mind when going out and about.


NEUTRALISE Grapefruit, Apple, Blackberry, Cinnamon and Sandalwood and Mint has been specially created for ostomy appliances to break through odour problems whilst providing a refreshing light fragrance. Rather than masking odour, it neutralises it fast and effectively.

Nodor S

A safe and harmless product consisting of water and a solution containing aluminium and zinc salts, the molecules of which absorb unpleasant odours.

Pelican Deo-Mint Deodorant

Our odour neutralising deodorant uses the latest odour control technology to neutralise and eliminate odour – rather than just masking it. Deo-Mint works quickly and effectively whether sprayed into the pouch or around the room during pouch change, targeting key odours to keep you at your best. Quiet and discreet, Deo-Mint is available on prescription in convenient 50ml bottles and is the perfect addition to your change bag.