Bladder, Bowel and Stoma Handbook

The essential guide to product selection

Discharge-solidifying agents


ABSORB neutralises pouch odour, absorbs excess fluid, dissolves completely in the pouch and is safe and easy to use. ASORB contains a highly effective odour neutraliser to help eliminate odours inside the pouch. Absorb will simply dissolve over time to absorb the extra fluid of pouch contents and then flush away unnoticed.


Sachet containing absorbent, odour neutralising granules that solidifies stoma output into a gel, reducing leakage, noise and odour, whilst simplifying emptying and draining the stoma pouch. Intended for patients with a temporary or permanent stoma; but not intended for urostomy patients.

Absorbent Sachets

Manage stool by solidifying and controlling odour and the sound of excessive movement from within the pouch. Easy to use and thickens the stool very quickly.

Independence Absorbent Strips

Absorbent strips convert ouput into a manageable gel. Solidifies output for controlled handling, disposal and cleaning. Reduces odour and improves filter performance.

Pearls Super-Absorbent and Odour Control Gelling Sachets

Pearls Super-Absorbent and Odour Control Gelling Sachets

Helps ostomates with loose stool gain more control over the management of their ostomy and their lives by absorbing fluid and gelling inside the pouch. The formed gel is thicker in consistency, which helps to prevent leaks normally associated with liquid output, prevent the filter from clogging which prolongs its efficiency and avoiding bulking by allowing the content to be flattened. Trio Pearls contains an organic compound that specifically targets and actively reduces odours.